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Always is a brand of menstrual hygiene products, including maxi pads, ultra thin pads, pantiliners, and feminine wipes, produced by Procter & Gamble. It was first introduced in the United States in test markets in the spring of 1983, then nationally in May 1984.


Also Available (on request)

Always Dailies Liner Fresh 20s
Always Discreet Pants Normal Medium 12s
Always Dailies Liner Large 28s
Always Infinity Long Plus 11s
Always Dailies Liner Normal 20s
Always Infinity Normal Plus 12s
Always Dailies Normal 32s
Always Maxi Classic Maxi Size 2 Wings 9s
Always Dailies Normal Pantyliner 32s
Always Maxi Classic Night Size 3 Wings 8s
Always Discreet Liners 24s
Always Maxi Classic Normal Plus Size 1 Wings 10s
Always Discreet Liners Plus 20s
Always Maxi Classic Standard Size 1 No Wings 10s
Always Discreet Pads Long 10s
Always Maxi Long Plus 12s
Always Discreet Pads Long Plus 8s
Always Maxi Night 9s
Always Discreet Pads Normal 12s
Always Maxi Normal Plus 14s
Always Discreet Pads Small 20s
Always Sensitive Long Plus 12s
Always Discreet Pants Normal Large 10s
Always Sensitive Night 10s
Always Sensitive Normal Plus 14s
Always Sensitive Normal 16s



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