Coach Tasche Shoulder Bag, 27 cm, Black (Gm / Cypress Multi)

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COACH Coach Tasche Shoulder Bag, 27 cm, Black (Gm / Cypress Multi)


  • Interior: main compartment, side pocket.
  • Exterior: zip pocket.
  • Designed for a perfect organization of your personal effects.
  • Innovative design, unrivaled craftsmanship and a convincing New York style.
  • It comes with a protective bag.


Coach is a leading design house in modern luxury accessories and lifestyle collections, with a long standing reputation based on the quality of craftsmanship. Defined by an attitude of free spirit and totally American, the brand approaches the design with a modern vision, reimagining the luxury of today with an authenticity and innovation that only Coach can offer. In any part of the world, the Coach brand is synonymous with a New York style that suits all tastes.



Products Also available (on request)

Ean Description Type
38579 B4NQ4 X B4/Tan Rust Crossbody
38580 B4NQ4 X B4/Tan Rust Shoulder Bag
35593 GDBLK X GD/BLACK Shoulder Bag
58875 LIC7C Sig Prairie LI/KHAKI/BROWN Satchels
58875 SVDK6 Sig Prairie SV/BLACK SMOKE/BLACK Satchels
58874 LINAV Pbbl Prairie Satchel LI/NAVY Satchels
58874 LIBLK Pbbl Prairie Satchel LI/BLACK Satchels
29411 LIBLK Pwe Cam Bag LI/BLACK Crossbody
57124 LIBLK Pbbl Edie 28 LI/BLACK Shoulder Bag
57124 LIOXB Pbbl Edie 28 LI/OXBLOOD Shoulder Bag
57125 LIBLK Pbbl Edie 31 LI/BLACK Shoulder Bag
30220 B4-RU Sig Riv Edie 31 B4/RUST Shoulder Bag
57125 LIL4A Pbbl Edie 31 LI/1941 Saddle Shoulder Bag
36855 LIBLK Pbbl Turnlock Edie LI/BLACK Shoulder Bag
29529 LIBLK Pwe Chrl 28 Cal LI/BLACK Carryalls
29529 LIEQO Pwe Chrl 28 Cal LI/BEECHWOOD Carryalls
32749 B4-RU Cc Sg Chrl 28 Cal B4/RUST Carryalls
31210 LIO3N Cc Sg Chrl Cal LI/Charcoal Midnight Navy Carryalls
31037 GMO3Z Mtl Chrl Cal GM/Platinum Carryalls
31026 LIBLK Trnlck Chrlie LI/BLACK Carryalls
31026 LIL4A Trnlck Chrlie LI/1941 Saddle Carryalls
57107 LIBLK Pbbl Trnlk Chn Tot 27 LI/BLACK Totes
58849 LIF2L Pol Pb Market Tote LI/BLACK/TRUE RED Totes
32714 B4NQ4 32714 B4NQ4 Totes
29389 B4-BK Brdr Rvts Prkr 18 B4/BLACK Shoulder Bag
30585 B4-RU Clrbk Ct Cnv Sig Prk B4/RUST Shoulder Bag
26852 OLBLK Rlc Lthr Prkr Shb OL/BLACK Shoulder Bag
35568 B4-BK X B4/BLACK Backpacks
38584 GMO3Z X GM/Platinum Backpacks
COACH Women’s Parker Ol:Black One Size 38585 B4NQ4 Backpacks
38584 GMM4Z X GM/Metallic Graphite Backpacks
33404 LIBLK Xgrn Ptnt Lthr Quinn LI/BLACK Satchels
38626 B4NQ4 X B4/Tan Rust Satchels
40620 V5O7R Cc Sig Mtl Ex Bond V5/Tan Platinum Satchels
30949 B4NQ4 Sig Sttn B4/Tan Rust Satchels
31728 B4-RU 31728 B4-RU Crossbody
38680 B4NQ4 Cc Sg Cntn Xbd B4/Tan Rust Crossbody
35844 B4-BK Gt Lth Cntn Xbd B4/BLACK Crossbody
35844 V5PIN Gt Lth Cntn Xbd V5/Pink Crossbody
38661 V5O3W Mtl Lth Cp Shb V5/Metallic Rose Gold Shoulder Bag
38660 B4-BK Gt Lth Cp Shb B4/BLACK Shoulder Bag
22821 BPBLK Glv Lth Cooper Cryall BP/BLACK Carryalls
31932 B4OXB Brd Rvt Cp Cra B4/OXBLOOD Carryalls
28631 OLBLK Sig Lth Dnk Xbd OL/BLACK Crossbody
55149 BPBLK Glvtn Dinky BP/BLACK Crossbody
58058 LIC7C Sig Acc Zip LI/KHAKI/BROWN Large Zip Around
58058 SVDK6 Sig Acc Zip SV/BLACK SMOKE/BLACK Large Zip Around
31546 B4NQ4 Clrblk Ctd Cnv Sig Az B4/Tan Rust Large Zip Around
58059 LIBLK Pbb Accordion Zip LI/BLACK Large Zip Around
58584 LIBLK Cri Md Zp Arnd Wall LI/BLACK Medium Zip Around
38868 B4A55 Cryst Brdr Med Zip B4/Nude Pink Medium Zip Around
58298 LIBLK 58298 LIBLK Small Wallet
58298 LINAV Cri Lth Sm Wall LI/NAVY Small Wallet
22952 LIBLK Pol Peb Sml Wrl LI/BLACK Small Wristlets
22952 LINAV Pol Peb Sml Wrl LI/NAVY Small Wristlets
64283 LIC7C Sig Jaq Sml Wrl LI/KHAKI/BROWN Small Wristlets
64283 SVDK6 Sig Jaq Sml Wrl SV/BLACK SMOKE/BLACK Small Wristlets
32445 B4NQ4 Cbk Cnv Sig Sml Wrl B4/Tan Rust Small Wristlets
31542 B4NQ5 Cbh Ctd Sg Xbdy Cltch B4/Tan Chalk Pouch
31542 B4NQ4 Cbh Ctd Sg Xbdy Cltch B4/Tan Rust Pouch
65547 LIBLK Pbb Xbody Clutch LI/BLACK Pouch
59952 GMO3Z Metlc Xbody Clutch GM/Platinum Pouch
31867 LIBLK Smth Lth Slm Phn Xbdy LI/BLACK Phone Crossbody
39408 GDBLK Lrg Mesngr Xbdy GD/BLACK Swing Packs
39408 GMNV2 Lrg Mesngr Xbdy GM/Dark Berry Swing Packs
39408 GDBHP Lrg Mesngr Xbdy GD/MIDNIGHT NAVY Swing Packs
39409 B4NQ4 Ctd Sg Lrg Msngr Xbdy B4/Tan Rust Swing Packs
39409 LIO3N Ctd Sg Lrg Msngr Xbdy LI/Charcoal Midnight Navy Swing Packs
41320 GDBLK Xgrain Mesngr Xbdy GD/BLACK Swing Packs
41320 GDO5K Xgrain Mesngr Xbdy GD/1941 Saddle Swing Packs
38965 B4-BK Smth Ltr Eve Cltch B4/BLACK Clutches
38964 V5O3Z Mtlc Ltr Eve Cltch V5/Platinum Clutches


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