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Fairy Antibacterial washing up liquid gives you sparkling clean dishes while the Antibacterial Action protects your sponge for up to 24 hours against bacterial growth. So while your plates are gleaming and spotless, your sponge is clean, fresh and protected. All set for the next round of cleaning!


Also Available (on request)

Fairy 383ml WUL AntiBacterail Eucalyptus
Fairy WUL Pomegranate 520ml
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Fairy ADW AIO Original 29s
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Fairy ADW AIO Original 78s
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Fairy ADW Platinum Lemon 65ct
Fairy Hand Dishwash Apple 9x1290ml
Fairy ADW Platinum Original 65s
Fairy Professional WUL Original 900ml
Fairy Professional ADW AIO Original 100s
Fairy WUL Anti Bacterial Eucalyptus 383ml
Fairy Professional ADW Plat Lemon 75s
Fairy WUL Apple 383ml
Fairy Non Bio Powder 40W
Fairy WUL Lemon 1015ml
Fairy Non Bio Washing Capsules 60W
Fairy WUL Lemon 433ml PMP £1.29
Fairy Non Bio Washing Gel 24W 888ml
Fairy WUL Lemon 780ml
Fairy Powder Non Bio 10W PMP £3.29
Fairy WUL Original 383ml
Fairy WUL Platinum Original 625ml
Fairy WUL Original 433ml PMP £1.29
Fairy WUL Pomegranate 433ml PMP £1.29
Fairy WUL Platinum Original 383ml


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