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The first Milka milk chocolate bar is born. On April 24th Milka is registered as a trademark. The name comes from the combination of “milk” (milk) and “cocoa” (cocoa).
Milka immediately began to be sold in Switzerland, Austria and Germany.


Also Available (on request)

Milka Caramel, Biscuit and chocolate drops 93g Milka sandwich Oreo 92g Milka Dark Milk 85g
Milka Bubbly Milk 90g Milka Sandwich TUC 87g Milka Dark Raspberry 85g
Milka Bubbly White 95g Milka Strawberry & Yoghurt Milka Hazelnuts 100g
Milka Caramel 100g Milka Strawberry Lila Pause 36g Milka Jaa Choco Mousse 128g
Milka Cherry 100g Milka Triple caramel 90g Milka Jaa Orange 147g
Milka Chips Ahoy 100g Milka Triple choco 90g Milka Jaffa Choco Mousse 128 g
Milka Collage Rasberry,Hazelnut and chocolate drops 93g Milka TUC Biscuit 35g Milka Jaffa Orange 14
Milka Confetti 100g Milka Waves Caramel 81g Milka Jaffa Raspberry 14
Milka Daim 100g Milka Waves Cookie 81g Milka Lila Collection
Milka Dark Almond 85g Milka White 100g Milka Lila Stixx 112g
Milka Dark Caramel 85g Milka Whole Hazelnuts 100g Milka Milk Bar 100g
Milka Dark Milk 85g Milka Alpine 100g Milka Minis 200g
Milka Dark Raspberry 85g Milka Chips Ahoy Bar 100g Milka Noisette 270g
Milka Dessert 100g Milka Choco Biscuit 150 gr Milka Noisette Bar 100g
Milka Extra Cоcоа 100g Milka Choco Cookie   135g Milka Oreo 300g
Milka Happy cows 100g Milka choco cookies Sentation 156 gr Milka Oreo Bar 100g
Milka Hazelnuts 100g Milka Choco Cow 120g Milka Raisin And Nut Bar 100g
Milka LU Biscuit 35g Milka Choco Cow 40 g Milka Sandwich 260g
Milka Milk 100g Milka Choco Grain 126g Milka Sandwich Choco&choco 150g
Milka milk 25 g Milka Choco Grains 126g Milka Schoko & Keks 300g
Milka Milkinis 100g Milka Choco Lila Stix 112g Milka Sensations Choc
Milka Milkinis schokodrops 42g Milka Choco Minis 150g Milka Sensations Soft  156g
Milka Noisette 100g Milka Choco Moo 120g Milka Shoko cake 35 g
Milka Oreo 100g Milka Choco twist 140g Milka Tender 130 gr
Milka Oreo 37g Milka Choco Wafer 150 g Milka Tender choco 130 gr
Milka Oreo Brownie 100g Milka Choco Wafer 30 g Milka Triolade 280g
Milka Peanut&Caramel 37g Milka Chocominis 150g Milka Vafelini choco cream 31 gr
Milka Peanuts Crispy Caramel 90g Milka cookies Sentation 156 gr Milka Vafelini milk cream 31 gr
Milka Raisins & Hazelnuts 100g Milka Dark Almond 85g Milka Whole Nut Bar 100g
Milka Raspberry100g Milka Sandwich LU 87g Milka Yoghurt 100g

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